Small Town Murder

#243 - How Not To Kill A Sugar Daddy - Climax Springs, Missouri

Episode Notes

This week, in Climax Springs, Missouri, a retired doctor has decided to live the rest of his life in a new, swinging way, filled with drugs, and young ladies. When he finds a much younger woman, he thinks he's found his perfect match, but little does he know that his new bride, and a cast of ridiculous characters are actively trying to kill him, while he obliviously goes about his business, unknowingly thwarting murder plots, left & right. That is until it all comes together, in an absolutely brutal & bloody fashion, resulting in plenty of finger pointing, and not a lot of honesty!!


Along the way, we find out that you certainly don't want to set foot in the local spring, that you shouldn't court teenagers when you're in your 70s, and that it isn't as easy to kill someone as you might think!!


Hosted by James Pietragallo & Jimmie Whisman 


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