Small Town Murder

#248 - The Alabama Zodiac - Jacksonville, Alabama

Episode Notes

This week, in Jacksonville, Alabama, it's no longer safe for teens to get it on, at make out spots, because there is apparently a Zodiac style killer, on the loose, when multiple incidents of attacks take place. Investigators wonder whether they have a sophisticated serial killer, like the one on the west coast, but they could never have predicted what they end up finding. It all turns messy, from there, as cross country homicide interrogations, and trusting a murderer to make his way back to where he's a wanted man, at his own expense, and one of the biggest coincidences in the history of crime!!


Along the way, we find out that a lot of these small town festivals have similar themes, that you can't trust murderers to self report, and that you can't unring a confession!


Hosted by James Pietragallo & Jimmie Whisman


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